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In the past three months I have moved halfway across the country

started a new job

lost the place I was living, been rendered essentially homeless, and moved into a hotel

broke up with my boyfriend of almost six years

moved into a different hotel with a friend

had over $1,000 stolen from me by my ex


in two weeks I’m moving into a different hotel

in two months I’m moving to another city, in another state, for a new job and a new roommate

I am so ready for this period of my life to be over and for the next one to begin


If putting someone else’s needs above your own is love

then putting your needs above someone else’s is self-love

and I’m trying to remind myself that there isn’t anything wrong with that

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so… I have internet again but no computer, so my tumblr presence will be sparse for a bit

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Spend 7 minutes of your life watching this show on gendered marketing

This is brilliant. I specifically buy razors and shaving cream marketed to men because it’s at least 30% cheaper in the US, and yet the quality is way better. 

This is really interesting



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There was a study done where they got a man to harass a woman in the park
and then they did it the other way around.
Several stopped the man but they let the woman slap and scream
and yank his hair.
They asked a professional who concluded that compared to men,
women aren’t seen as enough to be a threat.

My friend’s principal from three years ago
took his kids and ran
because he kept showing up to work
with bruises put there weekly by his loving wife
and everyone told him to take it like a man.

Last week I listened as a guy laughed off the idea
that a woman could violate him
and I thought of an interview on a news show
where they showed a boy who flinched inwards
every time a girl touched him
because of the exact reason the guy laughed off.

When compared to men,
Women aren’t seen as a threat
so men feel free to take whatever they like.

Women aren’t seen as a threat
so no one takes men seriously
when a woman
breaks them open.


'When a Girl Slaps a Guy on a Sitcom It's Hilarious: Why Guys Need Feminism,' theappleppielifestyle. (via theappleppielifestyle)

Can I just say that it’s so nice to see something about women abusing men that doesn’t try to say feminism is the root of all evil, and in fact realizes the sexism against women is part of why this shit happens?

(via faeriviera)

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I’m glad I’m not the only person who capitalizes the #SCIENCE tag on their posts.

I’m glad I’m not the only person who is childishly excited about these things.

It’s a little thing but it makes a difference to me.


Sometimes I still catch myself trying to force myself to think and feel and want things I don’t, and it’s irritating and frustrating and confusing. Even moreso when I catch myself but keep doing it.